Kali Puja 2017

Registration Counter Schedule
Registration counter will operate between 7:00 - 9:30 PM on both Friday & Saturday. We request all pre-registrants to bring your badges, lanyards, sponsor stickers from Durga Puja and collect new badges and food coupons from the registration counter.
Onsite registration will also be available.  
Kali Puja Registration is now open
Please visit durgabari.us/registration for all new registrations
If you have previously registered for Durga Puja only, and now want to register for Kali Puja, please contact the registration team.  You won't be able to do so on your own in the online registration system.
Badges/Badge holders/lanyards
We will be issuing new badges for Kali Puja. Please help promote green and preserve the badge holders and lanyards for re-use during Kali Puja.
Sponsor Stickers
Please retain your Grand/Platinum/Gold sponsor stickers.
Sponsor Parking
All sponsors - please retain the parking decals on your cars. Grand and Platinum sponsors to continue to park at the paved area within the temple premises. Gold sponsors to park at their designated parking places (Jain Temple or the grass fields). However, if weather conditions make the green fields inaccessible, gold sponsors carrying `Green Fields' decals will be able to park at the Jain Temple.
Sharad Arghya
`All 3 Pujas' and Durga Puja registrants (except student category) are eligible for one free copy of Sharad Arghya puja magazine. If you have not picked up your copy during Durga Puja,  we will be distributing again during Kali Puja.

Durga Bari Puja offers excellent opportunity for publicity with attendees from all over. For Advertising and Sponsorship, please contact Piyali Chatterjee at 281-687-8167 or Sujay Kahali at 404-784-9205. For Commercial Vendor Stalls, please Contact Piyali Chatterjee at 281-687-8167.

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Subho Bijoya to all of you!  I hope you all enjoyed Durga Pujo at our temple.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the volunteers who assisted during Durga Pujo.  The puja was successful due to your selfless efforts.
We have Kali Pujo coming up.  Our Tithi puja will be on Wednesday, October 18th at 7:00 PM.  Anjali will be at 8:30PM, Bhog Arati at 9:00PM and Havan will be after that.  Our community pujo will be on Saturday, October 21st at 6:30 PM.
We are requesting volunteers for the upcoming pujos.  Some of you have already expressed your desire to volunteer for Kali Pujo but haven't mentioned the dates you wish to volunteer.

Please email to sguha1970@aol.com  with the dates as soon as possible so that we can prepare the volunteer list.

Best regards,
HDBS Religious Committee

Safety First with Fireworks

Our fireworks are meant for the young members of our society. Unfortunately we had some burn injuries last year due to unsafe usage arising from joyous exuberance. Parents are strongly urged to exercise the strictest caution and accompany their wards. Please inform the volunteers if you see anyone engaging in unsafe practices. Puja committee reserves the right to restrict anyone found using the fireworks inappropriately.

Additional Parking Information:

1. Offsite Parking at West Oaks Mall

  • Like every year, the parking lot behind the West Oaks Mall will be our offsite parking spot during 2017 Durga pujo and Kali pujo at no charge. There will be free shuttle service from the offsite parking area to the temple from 9 am in the morning till 1:00 am in the night, or longer if necessary. We will try to keep the Schiller Road traffic smooth for quicker turn-around of the buses.
  • During peak hours, there will be separate line for the registered patrons and they will have preference over unregistered pujo attendees.
  • A few chairs will be kept there for elderly people to rest and some water bottles too for waiting patrons during peak afternoon time.

2. HDBS playground parking is subject to weather/ground condition. HDBS will advise at the beginning of Durgapujo, on Thursady Sept 28th, if the condition of the playground is considered suitable for parking, based on the prevailing ground condition and weather forecast. Patrons will have to decide and can ask for a refund till Friday Sept 29th, 9:00 PM latest. After that no refund will be made. Parking stickers will have to be returned for requesting a refund. If the patrons still decide to park on the HDBS playground against the advice of the HDBS Puja Committee, they will have to do it at their own risk and Durgabari will not be responsible for any inconvenience or damage to the vehicles.

3. Vehicles without a parking sticker will not be allowed on the Schiller Road during the pujo. HDBS Puja Committee earnestly requests your cooperation in this regard. Certain parking stickers may not be allowed on a particular day (like playground parking due to bad weather) which will be announced by the HDBS Pujo Committee. In that case vehicles with those stickers will also be stopped.

4. No drop-off at Durgabari is allowed during the pujo.

5. There will be only limited number of Disability parking to be made available on first come first serve basis.

6. Donations by the sponsors are not refundable.

7. Only key volunteers will be issued parking passes to park on the designated green (grass) patch in Durgabari based on their involvement and requirement. Their names will be displayed on a list during the pujo.

Location of West Oaks Mall Parking

1000 WEST OAKS MALL HOUSTON, TX 77082 [ Parking Lot near Edwards Theatre ]

Directions to West Oaks Mall Parking

Arriving on I-10 from Katy and Houston

1. Take Highway 6 Exit from I-10.

  • If coming from San Antonio/Katy, make a right on Highway 6 towards South
  • If coming from Houston, make a left on Highway 6 towards South.

2. Drive South on Highway 6 for 3 Miles towards Richmond Ave/Westheimer Ave.

3. Go past Westheimer Avenue.

4. Make a right on Richmond Avenue at the light to go West.

5. Drive for 0.5 miles on Richmond Avenue with the Mall to your right.

6. Make a right into the Mall Parking at Green Crest Dr. The Durga Puja parking area is opposite to Edwards Cinema. Bus stop is at the White Tent.

Arriving from South [ US 59/Sugarland Area ]

1. Take Highway 6 Exit from US 59.

  • If coming from Downtown, make a right on Highway 6 towards North
  • If coming from First Colony/Telfair, make a left on Highway 6 towards North.

2. Drive North on Highway 6 for 11 Miles towards Richmond Ave/Westheimer Ave.

3. Make a left on Richmond Avenue at the light to go West.

4. Drive for 0.5 miles on Richmond Avenue with the Mall to your right.

5. Make a right into the Mall Parking at Green Crest Dr . The Durga Puja parking area is opposite to Edwards Cinema.

6. Bus stop is at the White Tent.


Puja Parking 2017

Parking during Puja has become an issue for all of us here in HDBS. We listened to your concerns and feedback through townhall meeting and one-to-one conversation. Accordingly, we tried our best to accommodate as much parking as possible. Additionally Jain temple has also agreed to let us use their parking lot during Durga Pujo. We are glad to announce special parking plan for the Council of Trustee (CT) Members and Benefactors (BF).

Below you will find details of our plan. Needless to say, we would be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Sincere Regards

Partha Ghosal, Madhumita Sengupta, Arghyadeep Pradhan

Pujo Parking Plan:

Parking Plan Summary

*   Subject to ground/weather condition, to be advised by Puja committee on Sept 28. Refund will be available till Sept 29, 9:00 PM only (parking sticker to be returned).

** Jain Temple parking (~60 spots) available for Durga pujo. Confirmation for Kali pujo is awaited (hope to get it eventually)