Bangla School

Our Mission

To promote the Bengali language and its literature within the community, and to educate them of the Bengali language. By doing this, the school promotes diversity in the community and enlightens the community about Bengali language and literature.


  • Provide students the academic and social skills they need to be proficient in Bangla
  • Provide a supportive and fun classroom environment
  • Help students discover new interests
We have 4 grade levels to assist the student with different level of skills.


The subjects we will cover during any given school year are:
  • Speaking
  • Reading and writing
  • Numerals
  • Nature & Science
  • Culture
  • Music and art


  • Main focus will be on spoken Bangla.
  • Help the student to speak simple sentences by the end of level one.
  • Introduce the student to high frequency Bangla word list.


  • Student will be introduced to alphabets and word formation.
  • Reading simple words and sentences.
  • Introduction to writing.


  • Numbers in Bangla will be introduced.
  • Counting in Bangla will be practiced.


  • Learn about Bangla traditions.
  • Learn about famous cultural & literary personalities of Bengal.

Classroom Community

  • Our classroom is a community. In our community, we have rules to help us get along with each other.
  • Our class rules are:
    • Be respectful and responsible
    • Be organized and follow directions
    • Be on time
    • Be prepared

Homework & Quizzes

  • We will assign about 50 minutes of homework every week. This includes 20 minutes of reading.
  • Homework is due following Sunday.
  • There will be unannounced quizzes. So be attentive and be prepared for the classes.
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Name Phone Email
Balaka Saha(Chair) (832) 659-7566
Aruni Chakrabarti (Coordinator) (832) 677-5699

Madhuchhanda Das (214) 213-3442
Rupchhanda Ghosh (713) 416-0373