Durga Bari offers a number of services year round. Services include Batsaric (both inside Houston or out of town), Anniversary, Birthday, Marriage, etc. In addition, members and non-members can avail the auditorium facility for their parties: engagement, garba, etc. Kala Bhavan offers many learning opportunities in Indian culture for children as well as grown ups. The following table lists only the puja related services in the temple.

Service Type Donation
Annaprasana (Outside) $251.00
Annaprasana (Inside Temple) $201.00
Anniversary $51.00
Batsaric / Sapindakaran $151.00
Birthday $51.00
Funarel Service $301.00
Ghirhaprabesh $201.00
Hate Khori $51.00
Marriage (Inside Temple) $701.00
Marriage (Outside) $1001.00
Nandimukh $201.00
New Vehicle $51.00
Poita / Uponayan $601.00
Shanti-puja Sankalpa $151.00
Sraddhanushthan $251.00
Sponsoring Maha Pujas $251.00
Sponsoring Pujas $151.00
Walk-in Puja $21.00
Wedding Engagement $301.00