The Elona Memorial Children’s Library is dedicated to the memory of Elona Choudhary. It houses a wide assortment of Bengali, English and Hindi literature, periodicals, music, and motion pictures.

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Our Mission:

Our mission is to provide a window to the members to enliven their nostalgic memories, introduce the next gen to their roots, while maintaining quality services to support our community.

Library Facilities:

  • About 1000 titles in Bengali and English in a wide range of genre, including fiction, poetry, drama, religion and nonfiction on various topics.
  • Nearly 500 movies, including the latest Bengali ones.
  • Music CDs.
  • A quiet reading environment.

Library Fees:

  Subscription Fee Security Deposit
HDBS Members $25 per year $50
Non-Members $50 per year $100
Bangla School Students None $20
  • Apart from annual membership fee, Library members are charged a one-time security deposit. The security deposit is fully refundable (unless adjustment is required towards non-return of items issued to the member).
  • Membership is for a period of one year from the date of first payment and not on calendar year basis.
  • A minimum one-month notice is required to refund the security deposit.
  • At the beginning of each membership period, any late charges will be added to the membership fee. Members can settle late charges during the year as well.

Library Rules:

  • The library operates every Sunday from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM. Designated holidays are announced in Library calendar.  The library also operates for limited hours during the summer.
  • Members can borrow up to (2) books, (2) DVDs and (2) periodicals at one time.
  • Periodicals will be issued (3) months after date of publication – until then these will be available for library reading only.
  • The library reading room is open to all.
  • Books and Puja anniversaries will be issued for a period of (4) weeks, and can be renewed for another (2) periods of 4 weeks each.
  • DVDs will be issued for a period of (2) weeks, and can be renewed for another (2) periods of (2) weeks each.
  • Bangla School students can borrow up to two children books at a time, for a period of (2) weeks, and can renew for another (2) periods of (2) weeks each.
  • Holidays will not be counted towards renewal time except for if a library item is due to be returned on a holiday.
  • Timely return of library items is a membership obligation. The library may send e-mail reminders from time to time; however, members should not depend on the reminders.
  • Once the grace period has expired, the defaulting members will be charged $1 per week per library material until the item is returned, or the cost of book/DVD/periodical etc., whichever is lower.
  • Cost of library items are determined on a landed basis, and therefore includes shipping and handling cost.
  • Any change in library rules will be notified ether by e-mail or on the library notice board.

Library Calendar

During the spring and fall semesters, the library is open on Sundays from 11:00 to 1:00 when classes are in session. Follow the link to check out the Education Calendar. For Please contact for summer library hours.

Library Contacts:

Name Position Phone Email
Aloke Sarkar Library Chair 281-732-1540
Palash Sinha Team Member 832-493-2873
Tarun Das Team Member 225-284-6495