Janmashtami Puja 2019

Venue: Temple Date Friday, August 23 Time: 9/25/19 7:00 pm - 9/25/19 10:00 pm Hosted By: HDBS

Behind the scenes of JANMASHTAMI AND JHULAN

All celebrations become successful due to behind the scene activities and efforts by unsung heroes.  It is very rare that we acknowledge all these actors.

It started with a casual Sunday afternoon temple conversation when both Moushumi  Goswami and I revealed our dreams of celebrating Jhulan.  Moushumi Goswami mentioned that Jaidevada (Goswami) was thinking of doing this at their residence for a very long time.  The right proposal at the right time, the result had to be right.  We wanted to have one of a kind Jhulan at Durga Bari until Janmashtami.  I initiated talks with Jaidevada and he was excited to take this as a part of his summer camp project.  He created a rendering of his vision and dream.  Jaidevada, Goutam Dhar, Moushumi G, Debangshu (Tiklu), Mridula and I had a team building meeting and discussed the items required to be purchased from India as well as locally.  We decided to have a theme from Krishna’s birth to Ras Leela.  We bought a jhula from Hilcroft.  It was donated by Santoshda (Mandal) and Geetadi.  Mridula helped us choose and buy the Jhula.  Moushumi G. and I went to India and tried to find some artifacts and dolls at several places but were unsuccessful.  We bought only a few.  Madhuchanda Das was also very interested in buying these dolls from India while she was visiting this summer.  Luckily she bought and donated the most of the dolls which we were looking for.  Brajada donated the river modules which he fabricated at his factory.  Jaidevada and Moushumi G donated the pumps and dolls to decorate.  Goutam Dhar, Sumanata Kaku, Pollydi and Barunda, Lokudi, Balakadi, Aratidi, Sarmistha, Kajoldi, Madhumita, Nupurdi, Shrabanti, Pratimadi all donated money to buy other decoration items like grass, turfs etc.  Mridula donated the flowers and garlands.   On the day of summer camp, the participating kids built the most intricate part, the river.  Debangshu took the key role in guiding these kids.  Jaidevada and Achintyada guided them too.  Moushumi G, Mridula and her daughter stayed late that Sunday evening to finish decorations of the entire Jhulan display.  This was the main attraction of this year’s Janmashtami.  Jhulan was displayed from August 11th through August 25th, 2019.  Everyone who came to temple for darshan were thrilled to see the display.  We celebrated Janmashtami on August 23rd., 2019.  We arranged for a thirty minute devotional program led by Mita Shome.  Ganeshda, Rupa, Anindita, Sarmistha, Achintyada and Shyamalda took part of it.  Lokudi, Rumadi, Iradi, Moushumi G, Champadi, Aratidi, Chabidi made different kinds of sweets.  Goutam and Subhradi did a lot of bazaar.  Mithudi, Shampa boudi, Maladi, Monali, Gouri Masima and Ranidi were also part of pujo preparation team.  Puja started around 7:00pm.  It lasted till 9:00pm.  The whole temple atmosphere was spiritually charged when Lord Krishna’s 108 names were chanted by thakurmoshai and volunteer priests.  Harir Luth with batasa offered by Pollydi was very well appreciated and ended the celebration followed by prasad and dinner.

Almost 200 devotees came to the temple on that day to celebrate Janmashtami.  We want to thank all devotees who came, participated, donated and volunteered for giving us such a beautiful and successful event.  If I have missed someone’s name to acknowledge, I apologize.

From the desk of HDBS Religious Chair

Sanchita Guha