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Houston Durgabari’r taraf theke sobai ke janai Sharadiya’r Shubhechha. Unlike all the other years, this year has brought significant challenges to most of us. The world is reeling under the unfathomable impact of COVID-19, and most places have to focus on their resources to be in survival mode than preparing for a full-fledged Durga Puja celebration. We prayto Maa Durga for wellness of everyone, courage and peace at this difficult times. By the grace of Maa Durga, our closely knit community at this Space City at Houston, Texas has been privileged to hold the 2020 Puja in full force. Though the ‘platform’ is mostly digital due to social distancing needs, the devotion, excitement and entertainment are still the same, if not more. What made it more challenging is that our ambitious plans to celebrate this 20th year Houston Durgabari’s Puja celebration in a grandeur scale needed a full restructuring in just last few months.

Houston Durgabari had been sanctified on 30 th September 2000 – a memorable day for the community members at Houston. The Durgabari and its family has continued to grow exponentially since then and is now the beacon of the Hindu community in Houston, the only temple in North America dedicated to Maa Durga, the Goddess of Power. Houston Durgabari has set itself apart from the rest with its visionary objective of being a ‘home away from home’ where Bengal meets Bayou City and the community finds the solace and re-energizing peace at this six acre little motherland. This year, our Durga Puja theme ‘Ebar Pujo Sobar Sathe, Ek Sathe” has been all about inclusion – aimed to involve one and all and celebrate together. Socio-economic conditions due to COVID-19 made this ‘togetherness’ way more vital albeit the challenges of social distancing. With that in mind, our Temple Puja will be telecast live openly to all our community members, and everyone around the world and we will be able to watch, pray and offer pushpanjali with flowers at home chanting mantras with guidance from Temple priest live! Durgabari has diligently worked hard to involve as many community members as possible. Volunteering in various areas, support at temple, etc activities all have been communicated early and spread around so that most of our community members get a chance to play a part and contribute in this divine activity that we so eagerly wait for every year.

Our cultural programs never left the front stage! The COVID-19 challenge is taken head-on by our community volunteers and they have geared up in producing a variety of programs involving local talents across all age groups presenting a colorful fusion of soulful music, dance beats, classical fusion, family fashion show and many more. Star attraction “pujor jalsa” on prime time weekend evenings featuring external artists will keep you captivated. The huge momentum that our telecast of Mahishashura Mardini generated will be carried on all through out. This year being our 20th year Puja at Houston Durgabari, there will be several landmark events that will capture this historic milestone. “Glimpses of the Past” will produce and showcase ‘memories’ from the prior HDBS Presidents and Puja Chairs. Bijoya Sammilani will be the highlight of the last day of Puja when all community members virtually, yet visually, exchange ‘shuva bijoya’ greetings without which our Puja celebration would otherwise be incomplete!

All said, our objective will not be fulfilled without your active participation. Please join us in celebrating 2020 Durga Puja ‘Ek Sathe, Sobar Ssathe’. May Ma Durga bless you all!

2020 Puja Committee
Subhas Das (Puja Chair)
Aloke Sarkar (Puja Secretary)
Sandip Bhattacharya (Puja Secretary)

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