History of Houston Durga Bari Society (HDBS) 1995 -200 – Click here!

Summary of Historical Dates and Events – Milestones for Monumental Work

A group of community members thought about building a place of our own community activities. Gradually, the ideas started crystallizing and we formed “ a Houston Durga Bari Society” (HDBS).  The following historical dates and events were collected from the HDBS official documents and minutes of the meeting (1995 – 2006) .  The details of works and activities on HDBS were published in the form of book. The monumental works are :

September 29, 1995 – First sitting / meeting on Mahalaya day at 7683 Cambridge  Street , Houston, TX 77054 ( Residence of Dr. Subroto & Mrs. Jyoti Gangapadhyay).

October 01, 1995 – Second meeting was held at 7687 Cambridge , Houston, TX 77054 (Residence of Dr. Ganesh & Mrs. Chhabi Mandal ).  Society’s name was selected  as Houston Durga Bari Society (HDBS) by Dr. Kumud Majumder.

October 1995 – During Durga Puja day at Gandhi  Center,  signatures were collected for the support of  HDBS.

December 17, 1995 – First Public  Meeting Proposing the concept to the  General Community Members at Memorial City Hospital.

March 14, 1996 – Application submitted for Registration as Non-Profit Organization.

April 14, 1996 – In witness where of , we have here run to set our seals in duplicate originals this the 14th day of April, 1996.

May 01, 1996 – Article of Incorporation of Houston Durga Bari Society has been approved by the Secretary , State of Texas.

July 22, 1996 – Employer identification number ( EIN) has been assigned by the Department  of Treasury, Austin, Texas

August 03, 1996 – Working Committee for the Society was formed. Dr. Bhaskar Roy was selected as Working Committee President.

September 05, 1996 – P.O. Box was taken at Almeda  Post office, Houston.

October 14, 1996 – Sale Tax Exemption Number has been assigned by the Department  of Comptroller of public Accounts , Austin,  State of Texas.

July 18, 1997 – HDBS Working Committee has agreed and confirmed by a letter dated 07/18/97 to name the main Assembly Hall in the Memory of Dr. Sudha Sur’s late husband. As per Dr. Sur’s request , the Board has agreed to name Auditorium only (a 60×100 ft. ) as “ SUR  AUDITORIUM “.

August 15, 1997 –  Bank Account for HDBS  has been opened at IBC Bank, Houston, Texas.

September 04, 1997 – Land (6.20 Acres) for HDBS  has been purchased at 13944 Schiller Rd, Houston, TX77082 at the cost of  $114K with cash.

March 28, 1998 – Constitution drafting effort started.

April 30, 1998 – First HDBS Brochure completed for publicity.

August 19, 1998 – HDBS has been granted exemption as a  Religious Organization under Section 11.20(a)(5) of the Texas Property Tax Code on the property at 13944 Schiller Rd.

November 14, 1998 – Foundation Stone lay out

December 12, 1998 – Ground Breaking Ceremony was held.

April 03, 1999 – EPI, Inc  of Mr. Saha donated the sign frame of steel structure to  HDBS and installed with the help of HDBS members and his employees.

April 13 & 14, 1999 – Four out of twelve Working Committee members resigned.

April 17, 1999 – First Baishakhi Mela was held in the open ground of HDBS.

April 22, 1999 – Emergency Meeting was called and new working committee was formed. Mr. Dilip Dutta was selected as Working Committee President.

October 06, 1999 – Construction plans Approved.

December 04,1999 – Construction of  Octogonal Temple Building was approved by the General Body.

February 19, 2000 – Construction permits obtained and Construction started.

April 22, 2000 – First Constitution and by – Laws of HDBS was adopted.

May 21, 2000 – Second Baishakhi Mela  was held.

June 22, 2000 – Constitution was approved by members, adopted and in effect.

July 03, 2000 – Partial Auditorium Construction planned with a generous donation from a community members.

July 24, 2000 – Construction work of Auditorium started.

September 03, 2000 – Executive publication (EP) was approved by the Working Committee and adopted.

September 21, 2000 – Partial landscaping and General Grading started.

September 28, 2000 – Construction of temple completed, Auditorium construction in useable form completed, Pavilion building completed, Basic infrastructure s and parking lot completed. First phase installation of electrical plans completed.

September 30, 2000 – was a big day for the HDBS and the Houston Hindu  Community . On this auspicious day Durga Mandir / Temple was inaugurated by Swami Shanta Rupananda, Senior Monk of Ramkrishna order.

September 30, 2000 – First Mahalaya puja was performed by Swami Shanta Rupananada assisted by Dr.  Manas Chakrabarty

September 30, 2000 – First Life Mayalaya Celebration Program  was held at the Temple  lead by Dr. Salil Banerjee with local artists.

October 6-9, 2000 – First Durga Puja  was held at HDBS temple.

October 14, 2000 – First Lakshmi Puja held in the Temple.

October 21, 2000 – First annual Kali puja was held in cooperation with Houston puja Committee.

November 12, 2000 – Barbed wire fencing on the East, West and North side was approved.

December 07, 2000 – First HDBS election was held for 2001-2002.

January0 7, 2001 – First elected Executive Board and Council of Trustees took charge.

January 14, 2001 –  HDBS  First  Elected Executive Board was formed and office bearers were elected. Dr. Satya R. Chaterjee was elected as a president of HDBS.

March 03, 2001 – First annual Saraswati puja was held in co-operation with Houston puja committee.

March 10, 2001 – First wedding ceremony of Mr.Neel Mustafi  was held at Durga Mandir

March 11, 2001 – First Dole Purnima / Holi khela was celebrated at the temple complex.

june  2001 – First  School / College Graduation puja was performed by Dr. Manas Chakrabarty .

June 23, 2001 – Art school by Indranil Sen was started at HDBS Pavilion building.

September 2001 –  First Annaprasan ( Rice Eating Ceremony ) was performed at HDBS Temple. 

September 29, 2001 – HDBS Elona Memorial Children Library was inaugurated.

April 25-27 , 2002 –  First  One Act Drama Competition held. Ramlal Dasgupta initiated this Drama Competition.

July 2002 – First Drama ( Mahabharat) was staged and performed by 2nd Generation. Drama was directed by Som Mukherjee and Soumitra Sarkar.

January 05, 2003  –  2nd Executive Board was formed for 2003-2004. Mr. Subir Kumar Saha was elected as president of HDBS.

March 03, 2003   – HDBS new Bangla School started .

November 25 , 2003 – Dr. Bishnupada Goswami from Delhi Kalibari joined as  permanent priest of Houston  Durga Bari Temple.

August 7-8, 2004 – First Summer Camp for the kids started at HDBS initiated by Dr. Jaideva Goswami and Dr. Manas Chakrabarty.

May 2004 – HDBS Play Ground was ready to play  for sports / Soccer/Cricket

December 04, 2004 –  3rd Executive Board of HDBS was formed for 2005-2006. Dr. Ganesh Mandal was elected as a president of HDBS.

January , 2005 – Dr. Alak Ray was elected as 1st Council of Trustee Chair of HDBS.

March 04, 2005 – HDBS was exempted from the Federal Income Tax under section 501©(3).

November 28, 2005 – Priest’s application for Permanent Residency status submitted .

January  2006 – HDBS EB approved Mr. Gautom Paul as the Sculptor for the Austodhatu Deities.

November 30 – December 2, 2006 –  Abhishekam  and Pran Prothista for new Austo dhato Deities were established.

December 03 ( Sunday) , 2006 – Old deities ( clay) were immersioned at Prem Sagar of Barshona – Dham Sree Sree Radeshari  Mandir, Austin, Texas .

Sources : The above data are collected from the HDBS official documents and minutes of the meeting.

Ganesh C Mandal / one of original founders of the HDBS  Project.