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Houston Durgabari offers a number of services year round. Services include  Anniversary, Birthday, Marriage, Batsaric etc. Questions? Please email priest@durgabari.org before you make an online reservation.

The following table lists available Puja services. Please fill out the Priest Service Reservation Form  to reserve a private Puja. The rates below apply when the Puja is done inside Durgabari premises. The rates are 25% higher for Pujas done outside Durgabari premises (limited to the Greater Houston area).

Service Type Donation
Annaprasana  $201.00
Anniversary $51.00
Batsaric Sapindakaran $201.00
Birthday $51.00
Chaturthi Puja $151.00
Funeral Service $301.00
Grihaprabesh $201.00
Haate Khori $51.00
Marriage $701.00
Nandimukh $201.00
New Vehicle $51.00
Poita / Uponayan $601.00
Sankalpa Puja $101.00
Sraddhanushthan (Adya Sraddha) $301.00
Satya Narayan Puja $151.00
Tarpan $21.00
Walk-in Puja $21.00
Wedding Engagement $301.00

Priest Service Reservation Form