Kala Bhavan Info

A Center for Visual and Performing Arts of Houston Durga Bari.

Kala Bhavan offers several classes in the various art forms. Please click the tabs for more info.

Odissi: Smt. Supradipta Datta

View Bio-Data Classes are held every Saturday Email: dipta1@yahoo.com

Bharatnayam: Smt. Arpita Mukhopadhyay

View Bio-Data Classes are held every Sunday Email: arpitamukhopadhyay@hotmail.com

Kathak: Smt. Dolly Goyal

View Bio-Data Classes are held every Sunday Email: dreamgirl2106@yahoo.com

Hindustani Classical: Smt. Rajnita Bandyopadhyay

View Bio-Data Classes are held every Saturday *Optional Bangla Vocal Classes for interested students Email: rajnitab@gmail.com

Rabindra Sangeet: Smt. Kamalpriya Roy

View Bio-Data Classes are held every Sunday Email: kamroy292@gmail.com


Tabla: Sri Raja Banga

View Bio-Data Classes are held every Saturday Email: tbanga@hotmail.com

Violin: Sri Biplab Samaddar

View Bio-Data Classes are held every Sunday Email: grand.abbot@gmail.com
Kala Bhavan Class Schdeule – Fall 2016

Kala Bhavan Calendar

2019 Classes start on Jan 12-13. Detailed calendar coming soon.      

Kala Bhavan Rules & Regulations

The following policies apply to all disciplines of Kala Bhavan:
  • New students are required to pay a non-refundable registration fee at the time of enrollment. For any student dropping out midway, registration will remain valid up to the end of the semester.  Students returning into a new semester will be required to register as new student.
  • All registration payments must be made by checks payable to HDBS – Kala Bhavan with the student’s name, class, and the semester specified in the memo area. Registration fee is payable latest by the second class. Failure to make payments by the 2nd class will result in a late fee of $15.
  • Returned checks are subject to a $15 fee. Post-dated checks will not be accepted.
  • Tuition fees at Kala Bhavan mandated rates are payable directly to the Teacher.
  • Students are required to inform Kala Bhavan and their respective Guru (in writing) in advance, about prolonged breaks/vacations (4 consecutive classes or more) to receive a release from fee payment for that period. Requests for such releases should be received before the first missed class. All missed classes before the notification, will be considered regular absenteeism and fees will be due for those classes.
  • Regular attendance is expected of all students. Absence only due to unavoidable circumstances is acceptable. Informing the Guru/management about any absence in advance or at the earliest possible (in case of an emergency or unforeseen situation) is part of the discipline. Readjustment of tuition will not be considered under that or any other circumstances. Frequent absences will be considered lack of commitment and involvement from the student.
  • No extra classes will be offered to students absent during regular classes.
  • If a class is missed by a Guru – make up class will be arranged on some other day. If not, the tuition paid, will roll over.
  • Students and parents are responsible to keep the Kala Bhavan authorities and their respective Guru informed of any change in their contact information.
  • Punctuality for the classes is crucial.
  • Students are responsible to bring all supplies and materials required for the class as specified by the teacher.
  • If a dress code is specified for a class, students are expected to abide by it.

For enrollment and further information on Kala Bhavan, please contact:

Name Position Email
Balaka Saha Kalabhavan Chair kalabhavan@durgabari.org
Madhumita Sengupta Kalabhavan Team Member kalabhavan@durgabari.org