Contact Tracking and Visitor Guidelines

Dear Patrons,

Houston Durgabari is temporarily closed to the public in response to the elevated threat level in Harris County. In case you need to visit for a private Puja (we are accepting in-person requests for last rites only), please note the following restrictions and guidelines. Please read them carefully before you visit the temple.

Houston Durgabari is keeping track of all visitors in view of the COVID19 situation. Please check-in using the link below on the day of your visit to keep a record of your visit to HDBS.: Track visitor(s)

Please make sure to enter your name on the same day each time you visit Durgabari, so that we can contact you as needed.  You can check-in once you reach the premises, you do not need to sign-up in advance. Thank you for your cooperation: View report

Guidelines for HDBS visitors:


HDBS Executive Board