Summer Camp 2022

Venue: HDBS Time: 7/30/22 10:00 am - 7/31/22 8:00 pm Hosted By: HDBS

Houston Durgabari’s renowned Youth Summer Camp made a comeback this past weekend on July 30th and 31st after a 2-years’ hiatus, led by Camp Director, Dr Jaideva Goswami and a list of guest speakers! It was a memorable 2 days for the young students learning about Religion, History, Science, and Art interspersed with hands-on project activities. Friendships were renewed, new ones were formed and a plethora of experiences were gathered! We look forward to continuing this successful journey. Many thanks to Dr Goswami, the guest speakers and our tireless bunch of parent volunteers, we really appreciate you.

Sandip Bhattacharya
HDBS Education Chair
2022 Summer Camp Photo Album – Click here!


Camp Schedule:

Packing List for Overnight stay:

If your child is staying overnight, sleeping arrangements have been made in the auditorium which has a carpeted floor. Please see below a list of items that your child should have. You can bring these at the time of registration and we will store them properly.  Alternatively, you may drop off anytime prior to the evening session on Saturday.

  • 01. T-shirts
  • 02. Shorts or leggings
  • 03. Socks and underwear
  • 04. Pajamas
  • 05. Closed-toed shoes (Sneakers/Walking shoes)
  • 06. Shoes for bathroom/shower (Flip-flops/crocs)
  • 07. Pillow
  • 08. Sleeping bag, sheets, and light blanket
  • 09. Mat or something similar to put under sleeping bag
  • 10. Hairbrush
  • 11. Toothpaste
  • 12. Toothbrush
  • 13. Shower gel
  • 14. Shampoo
  • 15. Swimsuit & Towel (for showering)
  • 16. Phone charger if you are bringing a phone
  • 17. Yoga Mat
  • 18. Flashlight (optional)