SAT Math – Chandan Bhattacharjee

The SAT Math Class in Kalabhavan is taught by Chandan Bhattacharjee, a former IIT-ian and an avid Math and Science teacher with a teaching experience of 21 years. Chandan comes from a family of teachers, and thus teaching comes naturally to him. He got engaged as a teacher from a tender age of 14 when he used to teach his friends in his pada for hours. This love for teaching blossomed with age, and after graduating from IIT, he opened a coaching institution in his house for nurturing young talents preparing for IIT exam in India. For the past 11 years, he has been teaching students in different grades (from Elementary school students to Post-Graduates) in Houston, Sugarland and Katy areas. Chandan has been an instructor of SAT Math class in Kalabhaban since 2019. He has successfully helped students prepare for SAT Math and come out with flying colors in the Exam. Chandan is known for his easy and fun-loving way of teaching advance topics, and he got accolades from students who loved to go back to his class to learn more Math from him! They not only learnt Math for the SAT Exam, but also developed a long-lasting interest to imbibe Math in their lives and career for years to come! Today, Chandan will present the highlights of his class and help us understand what he wants to achieve and give to the students in this class.